Climate Change One Year later: From Copenhagen to Cancun

With the upcoming climate talks scheduled to take place in Cancun later this month, it’s interesting how expectations among the press have been managed down significantly from last year’s Copenhagen conference. The press’s coverage of the run-up to this year’s meeting is symptomatic of a more skeptical view among the public in the ability of politicians and governments to try and solve this problem. Below are a few observations of media accounts to date covering the lead up to this year’s meeting:

  • Richard Black of the BBC writes that at most we should only expect constructive dialogue as a result of this year’s meeting.
  • The editors at the Economist indicate that policymakers should begin to consider living with climate change.
  • And, Margaret Wente of the Globe and Mail, argues the intellectual collapse of the environmentalism as a result of the movement’s singular focus on climate change.

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